Which Qualities to Look for When Interviewing Job Candidates

When you are interviewing job candidates, you should take the necessary steps to find the right person for the job. Before you begin, you must prepare yourself and create questions to help you during the search. Your focus should not just be on receiving resumes and scheduling interviews. Instead, you can research the person before you meet.

A prospective employee should have are a positive attitude, dependability, integrity, and the ability to meet goals. You want to hire someone with a good personality and who fits in well with your team. Here are some of the qualities to look for when you are interviewing job candidates:

Communication Skills

A potential employee must have good verbal and written communication skills. These skills are necessary for managers and employees to complete projects and is essential to keep an organization functioning. Without these skills, an office could not complete projects or get tasks done on time. If the candidate has exceptional communications skills, they can assist with problems solving and achieving goals.

Critical Thinking Skills

Candidates should have excellent critical thinking skills because they assist with strategic planning and organizational issues. When someone can think critically, they are able to develop creative ideas and make logical connections. People that think critically have independent thoughts and can identify and evaluate problems within an organization and solve them.


The candidate that your hire must be a team player. The signs of a team player are reliability, meeting deadlines and completing assignments on time. They are a good addition to your organization and do not cause conflict. Hiring a person that gets along well with the team you already have in place will ensure a productive work environment.

Goal Oriented

A goal-oriented candidate is focused. They want to get the job done and will help other members of their team meet their goals. When you give them an assignment, they know how to prioritize tasks. This type of employee values their job performance and is fulfilled with their job when goals are completed.

Organization Skills

An organized candidate will increase your organization’s productivity and can improve profits. These types of employees are efficient at work and know how to time manage. Their desks are uncluttered, so they have access to important materials when needed. They are always prepared and are happier at work.

These are a few of the skills to look for when interviewing candidates. When interviewing make sure you are ready and ask questions related to your needs.

If you’re looking for a virtual assistant to help you with overwhelming marketing, administrative, and organizational tasks, that’s me. I’m Lana Johnson, and I’m here to support your business so that you can focus on your passion, your business, your purpose. Reach out to me anytime, and we can talk about how VA Gladiator will take your business to the next level.

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