VA vs. OBM: 3 Signs You Should Hire Help

As the weather changes and you start getting excited for your spring and/or-summer vacation, the potentially scary question rears it’s head…

“Is it time to hire help?”

Taking time away from your business can be tough to finagle when it’s just you, even if you have a small team. So here are 3 tell tale signs it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) or Online Business Manager (OBM).


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1. You’re constantly working over 50 hours per week and can’t see how you can get away. If you look up and don’t know where the day went every single day and you’re consistently overloaded with work. You need help. The first step is to figure out which things you can outsource to a virtual Assistant so you can focus only on revenue generating activities.

2. Your quality of work has been slipping as you and your team struggle to just get the work completed on time.
Quality control is key to maintaining that steady stream of happy customers, because unsatisfied customers can spread negative reviews like wildfire these days. Nip poor quality in the bud by setting up systems to replicate your best work so when you do bring on assistance your VA or Online Business Manager can hit the ground running after a short training period.

3. You know you will lose out on business if you don’t hire help. If you’re at the point where you are leaving coin on the table, you can’t ignore the fact it’s time to get a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager. You think you can’t afford it when the reality is, you can’t afford not to! Don’t stifle your business growth because you’re worried you’re not ready.

Right now VA Gladiator is offering FREE consultations to see how your business can benefit from hiring a VA or OBM.

Click here to find a time that works for you so you can feel good about taking that much needed vacay!

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