4 Simple Ways to Quickly Increase Your Online Sales

As a small business owner, you know without a doubt that maintaining an online presence is crucial for your business to continue to prosper. Of course, this process takes a lot of trial and error, and it can be daunting. You might be tempted to give up some days. However, before you call it all off, please be aware that there are a number of simple things you can do to increase your online sales. Here are just four suggestions: 

Always Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

One of the cardinal rules for marketing would be to fully determine just whom your ideal buyer is. After you develop this persona, you will be better able to tailor your merchandise to your audience. This blog post by CrazyEgg recommends that you start by determining their demographics, likes and dislikes, income, occupation and other personal details. 

Retrofit Your Point of Sale

This article by MerchantOne explains that decent POS systems integrate seamlessly with your marketing analytics and provide you with useful data about your customers. Some of the ways you can make your POS system as effective as possible would be to make it where the interface can offer both an online option and an in-store option. Other ways would include inventory management, third-party software integration, employee management, solid credit card processing, and mobility and scalability. 

Monitor Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is defined as what you want your users to do on a certain page. You always want to be on the lookout for how your conversion rate is going, especially if your goal is to make sales. You start off by analyzing how many visitors your product page has gotten. Then you should see how many visitors click on the “buy now” button. For example this guide by EnvatoTuts+ suggests that if your page has 100 unique visitors and 5 click on the “buy now” button, that means you have a 5% conversion rate. There are many ways to accomplish this, including installing software that will offer deals if a “buy now” candidate changes their mind. There are also a number of cookie software applications you can utilize to help a borderline customer get in your camp. 

Hire a Virtual Administrative Assistant

A virtual administrative assistant will respond to emails, create contacts, provide online customer service and do market research among many other duties. These are just a few of the ways that a virtual administrative assistant will take this busywork off your plate, allowing you to focus on more sales.

All of these strategies can quickly become an asset to your online sales opportunities. In this case, you absolutely get out what you put in!

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