Foundational Aspects of Marketing Every Business Needs

Figuring out your marketing approach as a company can be quite the challenge. Trying to balance honing in on your brand identity while figuring out the best strategies to improve reach takes time. Start with these ideas one at a time to find the right approach for your particular situation.


Create a Standard Brand Voice

Having a standard brand voice is important to help you start to build your identity and connect with customers. As you figure out how to build your brand voice, try to identify the main message you are trying to embrace with your product and company story.

Embracing a story is one of the best ways to determine how to go forward with your brand. Once you’ve identified this story and mission, make sure that the rest of your marketing reflects and connects back to it. Doing this will create continuity across your different aspects of outreach from font to web design to slogans.


Improve SEO

Improving your SEO (search engine optimization) is another important company priority for a growing business. There are so many ways to boost your SEO, so work as a team to try and identify the ways that will be the most efficient for you.

One great place to start if you haven’t already is with your Google page. Make sure that you have adequately filled in the relevant information about your business including a company address, website, and phone number. Inputting this information not only lends more credibility and accessibility to you and your site but also significantly boosts your site in Google’s algorithm. Also, make sure you build plenty of backlinks. Building backlinks is a core factor for search engine ranking.


Utilize Social Media

In addition to working on your SEO, you should also figure out how to best use social media to reach your customers. Social media is such a great resource because it allows you to be more personable with your customers.

Work to use all the different tools that the platform gives you including Reels, Lives, and boomerangs. As you use all these different tools, the platform will prioritize your page more in its algorithm.

As you go forward working to improve your marketing, take your time figuring out your central message. Having this central message at the core of what you do will help your marketing communicate something meaningful to customers. Then, as you keep working, be willing to pivot when you find that certain strategies aren’t working.


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