4 Sales Tips for Customer Retention

Part of being successful in sales for your business is being able to keep your customers interested, showing them what your brand is about, and being able to get them eager to close the deal.

One of the most important things is that while customers may like some explanations and seeing a few demos of your products they also like to keep things moving, so you only have a few minutes to be concise about what you’re selling. You also need to remember you have relatively few customer touchpoints, so you’ll want to make it appealing to them personally.

Here are four recommended ways to retain your customers:

Your Greeting Is Important

As this businesswoman points out, you can do a lot more than use the usual, “Can I help you?” question. And whether the customer came directly to your website or you reached out to him or her through a call or another form of marketing, your opening dialogue with that customer needs to sound authentic and focused. You want them to know that you want to get to know their needs and point them in the right direction immediately.

Listen to Them When They Need to Voice Certain Needs or Concerns to You

Sometimes customers need to say things to you, and even if it seems like they may be looking for a way out of the sale, listening to them can still make for a better end result. Customers feel more appreciated when they feel they’re being heard and that you’re going to work with them so that you both get the best deal. Even if you don’t end up closing a sale at the first engagement, listening to your customers and expressing your thanks to them for bringing up questions may leave the door open for future deals with them.

Show Them How Certain Discounts or Bundling Can Work for Them

Often an eye-catcher for customers that can be a real selling point is a notable deal or discount. It’s one way you can let your clients know that they’ll get more out of what they’re buying if you package in other items or if you sign them up for a certain plan that will lower their billing rates. You should be upfront and honest about everything that’s part of the deal, but being able to offer more for what they’re paying is a great way to build loyalty.

Encourage Reviews

The closing of the first sale is really just the beginning of your relationship with that customer. Encourage him or her to leave feedback so that he or she knows that you care about how your product or service is working, and by the same token, you’re building up your own reputation. You can also point your new customer toward your social media pages.

Basically, you’re not just selling something to your customers when you’re pitching a sale to them; you’re bringing them into your company’s home and starting a new relationship. Remember, the customers care just as much about what they experience during the sales process as they do about what they’re buying. They want to feel like they’re talking to someone who’s in touch with what they want just like the television commercial where customers have their concerns addressed by a credit card customer service representative who listened and let them know they were both on the same wavelength.

Trying to retain more customers? It’s a difficult process, but I’m a professional at it. Work with me to give your business the boost it needs to accelerate past your competition.

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